Payment Methods

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Nowadays, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is usually a comparatively stress-free method of making payments. And Ars Organi aims, as far as possible, to keep it so.

If you’d like to pay for Pax Britannica or The Gates of Vienna via EFT, the procedure will vary according to geographical factors. In other words, for those living within Australia, the EFT method is different from what it is for those living outside Australia.

Should you want to use EFT and you live within Australia, you’ll need these details:

BSB NUMBER: 814-282

On the other hand, should you want to use EFT and you live outside Australia, you’ll need these details:

FINANCIAL INSTITUTION: Commonwealth Bank of Australia
BSB NUMBER: 063-128
ACCOUNT NAME: Robert James Stove

But don’t forget to supply your name as part of the transaction. And your postal address as well.

Meh. A bit of old-fashioned Luddite ideology never killed anyone. What about if I want to pay by cheque or money order instead of by this new-fangled online stuff? 

Cheques and money orders  are also fine for making payments. The relevant address for cheques and money orders is this:

Robert James Stove
Ars Organi
Post Office Box 7061
Brighton 3186

Again, please make clear which postal address you wish to supply for yourself.

A word of warning, though, if you live outside Australia: cheques and money orders need to be in Australian currency. The cost of local bank exchanges for those cheques and money orders which are not in Australian currency is prohibitive.

Sorry. Or, in contemporary kid-speak, ‘Soz.’

So what about postage and packaging costs?

Within Australia: the cost is $AUS4.
To New Zealand: the cost is $AUS7.
To Japan, other countries of East Asia, and Oceania: the cost is $AUS9.
To USA, Canada, Mexico, and the West Indies: the cost is $AUS11.
To UK and Continental Europe: the cost is $AUS11.

Yes, such fees are very steep by international criteria. Alas, Australia Post makes them that way. For further information on antipodean mailing expenses, see here.

And the hard-copy CD itself, don’t forget, costs $AUS20.

Remember, those who live outside Australia can find here a guide to working out the exchange rates between their preferred currency and the Australian dollar.

And don’t forget, if you’re wishing to pay via PayPal, please click here.

To avoid altogether the expenses involved in hard copies, and to obtain Pax Britannica via streaming services, you can obtain the Spotify version here. The Apple Music version can be found here. The Google Play version can be found here. The Amazon Streaming version can be found here. The Idagio version can be found here.

Similarly with The Gates of Vienna. The Spotify version of that is here. The Apple Music version is here. The Google Play version is here. The Idagio version is here.

Further inquiries? Please click here.

Happy listening!